about us

What we do

We provide medical care for infants, children, adolescents and young adults, with special attention to persons with serious, life threatening illness and disabilities and persons requiring complicated management.

Our Professionals

Ron M. Aryel M.D., M.B.A.

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Pediatrician and former disaster response officer for the Public Health Service, Dr. Aryel has diagnosed and treated patients in a very wide variety of situations, including private offices, emergency rooms, psychiatric treatment center, homes, hotels, field hospitals, public events such as Tall Ships in Boston, and the rear of sport utility vehicles during national emergencies.  Dr. Aryel was a member of the team that included a disaster response unit and the famed US Marine Corp CBIRF unit, and protected the President of the United States and European ministers from the threat of radiological chemical and biological threats during the NATO summit of 1999 in Washington DC.  Dr. Aryel has won commendations for outstanding service during national emergencies, and was awarded the 2008 Good Neighbor Award by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, for personally coming to the aid of persons in danger and protecting victims of domestic violence.   In 2011, the Reno Center for Child and Adolescent Health won a Silver Syringe Award for achieving very high vaccination rates.

Dr. Aryel has volunteered as a clinical supervisor for the University of Nevada’s Student Outreach Clinic, served as Medical Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s summer camps in the Kansas City area, and served on the Board of Directors for Project Restart in Reno. He currently is a member, and past Chairman, of the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Regional Transportation Commission and is President of the Board of Directors of Citicare (CiticareNV.org), an organization that raises money to help our disabled citizens obtain handicapped accessible transportation throughout Washoe County.

Director of Operations

Ronda Ward directs our offices and supervises our staffers. Her most important goal is to make sure we deliver good customer service. Ronda brought many years of customer service experience to us and wants our clients to feel satisfied and accomplish their goals.

Medical Assistants and Client Service Specialists

Ashley Ball, Laura Guzman and Stephanie Sautto are Medical Assistants and Client Service Specialists who prepare clients for medical examinations, and assist with the necessary paperwork.

Languages Spoken

We speak English and Spanish. Bienvenidos a personas que hablan espanol.